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A new WIP in progress

A new WIP in progress published on 2 Comments on A new WIP in progress

This particular illustration is one of my personal nightmares.
Supposedly it would be just a quick illustration of My Little Pony’s Dazzlings trio having breakfast in the morning after their defeat at the battle of the bands. However, I did not take into account that when choosing the kitchen of the house as a scenario, that meant adding a huge amount of detail.
I currently work, work, and work adding a lot of touch-ups to the scene, but it seems that the work had no end.

New Wip in progress

New Wip in progress published on 2 Comments on New Wip in progress

Last year, I lost my job after 5 years working in it. No big deal, I found a new one but consumes some time leaving me with little time to paint. That’s also not a problem, is just a matter of time to get used to the new schedule. In the meantime, I’ve purchased ClipsStudio and a Huion Tablet to learn a new method of painting instead of the traditional Photoshop. Whenever possible, I try to learn new things, and here’s a little sample of what I’m been doing these days. 😉 Thank you for your support along the year!!!

April Wallpaper

April Wallpaper published on No Comments on April Wallpaper

Did you know that most of the festivities in honor of the children take place in the month of April? I created this wallpaper to celebrate the International Children’s Day. As usual, Become a Patron today and just click on DL button and set the image as your background wallpaper. Comes in two sizes, to fit on your computer and mobile devices 😉

Messing up with WordPress

Messing up with WordPress published on 2 Comments on Messing up with WordPress

Ok guys, seems like something went really wrong with wordpress… some parts of the site are not working, and at this point seems easier to delete everything and restart than trying to figure what went wrong. Dodn’t worry, the site has been backed up, so it will be just a matter of a couple of days before we can make it work again. 😉

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