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Lety is a tiny young bat with just one goal on her mind: become the most evil creature in the forest. An objective a bit hard to accomplish considering the fact she looks like a plush doll.



Lucy is Lety’s worst friend. A sassy, annoying and a total bummer earthworm with a pathological tendency to irritate others.


Mina is Lety’s best friend and the exact opposite of Lucy: shy and lovely, big fan of anime magical girls and ponies. A professional cosplayer with a large collection of comics and manga.


Ed is Jake’s younger brother, introvert and shy. But since he’s way taller and muscular than Jake, most people thnks he’s the elder one.



A tiny and easily irritable little guy, Jake hates that people in general thinks of him as a nerd due to his large eyeglasses.




Like it or not, Bonnie is Lety’s Saint Bernard dog. Or at least that’s what Lety thinks.

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