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A new WIP in progress

A new WIP in progress published on 2 Comments on A new WIP in progress

This particular illustration is one of my personal nightmares.
Supposedly it would be just a quick illustration of My Little Pony’s Dazzlings trio having breakfast in the morning after their defeat at the battle of the bands. However, I did not take into account that when choosing the kitchen of the house as a scenario, that meant adding a huge amount of detail.
I currently work, work, and work adding a lot of touch-ups to the scene, but it seems that the work had no end.

A certain point of view

A certain point of view published on No Comments on A certain point of view

Ok guys, sorry for being late this week. I was hit by a car (don’t worry, nothing serious), so I was a few days at the hospital, way from my drawing utensils. Now I’m back at home, so it is time to keep on schedule!!!

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