Carmilla is a mischievous vampire, twice the size and age of Lety, but only half the brain. Sometimes her enemy, sometimes her friend. Depends a lot of how hungry she is.

Carmilla’s Teaser Poster

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Initially, Carmilla was supposed to be Lety’s nemesis, but as the series progressed, it was obvious that she would make a wonderful comic relief instead! So I removed her from the main cast as an antagonist and rewrote her part as a secondary but fun character. She’s decribed now as “With twice the size, twice… Continue reading Carmilla’s Teaser Poster

Story of my life

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Personally, I consider myself a big fan of Steven Universe. When I started writing the background story of Carmilla and Lamia, I wanted to develop a love-hate relationship similar to that of Peridot and Lapis… except that in this story eventually Lamia devours Carmilla 😉