Lamia is not really THAT bad. She’s just misunderstood due to her fearsome appearance and her tendency to say “I’m gonna eat you”

Season 3 Lamia’s Teaser Poster

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Lamia was the second villain created for Little Lety, right after Orlok. However, as I was developing her personality, it was too obvious that she did not have a real purpose in life until I created Carmilla. Now they work great as an antagonist duo. May 15th will launch Little Lety Season 3!!! Right now… Continue reading Season 3 Lamia’s Teaser Poster

Story of my life

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Personally, I consider myself a big fan of Steven Universe. When I started writing the background story of Carmilla and Lamia, I wanted to develop a love-hate relationship similar to that of Peridot and Lapis… except that in this story eventually Lamia devours Carmilla 😉